Lagoon logo Lagoon was created in 1984 as an extension of the racing division of the French boat builder, Jeanneau, and was set up specifically to build racing prototypes.

These highly capable offshore racing boats (Pierre 1er, the Fleury Michon series, etc.) won an unequalled string of victories.

Waterworld movie poster

In its early years, Lagoon was also involved in some rather unusual projects such as building two identical trimarans for the movie Waterworld, filmed in the waters off Hawaii.

One trimaran was used solely for sailing and the other to perform the impressive transformation sequence from an eggbeater-style windmill rotor blade for slow trawling into a sturdy mast for high-speed sailing.

(To see a video clip from the Waterworld movie showing this one-off trimaran in action, click here)

Lagoon 55

In 1987, in response to a customer request, the first non-racing catamaran was launched - the Lagoon 55.

This was a luxury catamaran built using the same high tech methods as the racing yachts. The launch of the Lagoon 55 and its very positive reception led to further requests for cruising catamarans, thus setting Lagoon on the path to becoming the leading cruising catamaran builder.

Today, Lagoon is part of CNB, the custom yacht division of the Bénéteau Group, the world's largest recreational boat builder. To learn more of CNB and the larger custom projects undertaken for an exclusive list of clients, please follow this " CNB - Custom" link.

VPLP logo Lagoon catamarans are designed by naval architects Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot Prévost (VPLP) who have achieved an incomparable record of victories in multihull events.

BMW Oracle

One of their recent designs was the trimaran BMW Oracle, winner of the 2010 America's Cup, not only very high-tech - constructed of carbon fiber and epoxy resin - but very high performance, being able to sail at more than twice the true wind speed.

And since 2010, when VPLP's BMW Oracle won the America's Cup, Nauta Design (another great name in naval architecture) has been working with Lagoon to design the interiors of new models.

Lagoon catamarans are built in two separate locations in France, larger yachts over 50 feet at the CNB yard in Bordeaux and smaller catamarans in Belleville sur Vie in the Vendée region.

The Belleville factory is one of the latest generation of Bénéteau Group production sites and is totally devoted to the construction of Lagoon catamarans ranging from 38 to 45 feet in length.

Click on the images below for video tours of the Lagoon facilities.

Belleville video


Bordeaux video


The key strengths of the Lagoon brand are its guiding principles: good design, high-quality construction and better-than-average performance.

As category leader Lagoon continues to innovate: redesigned hulls and spacious main salons, flybridge steering stations and forward cockpits, square top mainsails for better performance in light wind and safety in gusts, touch screen controls...

With each new model Lagoon uses its long experience in innovation to make cruising ever safer and more enjoyable.

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