The Lagoon 42 is clearly a member of the "new Lagoon family" and features vertical bows, an apparently "freely-suspended" coachroof, the mast moved further aft, a high-aspect mainsail, a self-tacking jib and large foresails.

She also benefits from new ideas and innovative technology, producing a catamaran that offers even greater comfort and performance - see below for a video clip of the Lagoon 42 under sail making 16 knots in 23 knots of wind.

Cruising World Boat Of The Year 2017

The Lagoon 42 has won a number of awards since its launch at the beginning of 2016.

Sail Magazine Best Boats 2017

In addition to awards in the UK and Asia, in the US the Lagoon 42 has been voted SAIL Magazine's "Best Multihull Cruising Boat 40 to 50ft" and won Cruising World's 2017 award for "Best Multihull Under 50ft".

Image Gallery

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The Lagoon 42 is available in two interior layouts - 3-cabin or 4-cabin. Click image to enlarge.


Overall Length:




2 x 45 HP

Overall beam:

25' 3"


Fully battened mainsail:

592 sq ft


4' 1"


Square top mainsail (option):

635 sq ft

Mast clearance:

67' 9"


Self-tacking jib:

396 sq ft

Light Displacement:

26,460 lbs


Interior design:

Nauta Design

Fresh water capacity:

79 gals


Naval architects:


Fuel capacity:

79 gals


EEC certification:

Category A


Lagoon 42 brochure

The current color brochure on the Lagoon 42 is available to download in PDF format.

Click on the brochure cover image to the left to download in a new browser window.

Please note that the file size is quite large and so may take a while to download over a slow Internet connection.


To see the Lagoon 42 video in a new browser window, simply click on the image below:

Lagoon 42

The video-shoot of the Lagoon 42 (above) included a short section of the boat sailing at speed. Below is a video-edit of more of this footage showing the Lagoon 42 under sail making 16 knots in 23 knots of wind - without surfing. Truly impressive.

Lagoon 42


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