INDIKON k4The INDIKON p4 fully reflects the design innovations that Morrelli & Melvin incorporated into the k4, along with the sleek design that today's catamaran owners are looking for.

Powered by Volvo Penta's reliable D3 diesel powerplants, an owner has the choice of 170, 200, or 220 HP engines and can achieve excellent fuel efficiency, cruising comfort and speed.

The INDIKON p4 features a centerline elevated helm station, spacious aft cockpit, wide and safe sidedecks, and transoms designed for easy boarding.

Along with a fully protected interior helm station, the INDIKON p4 is ready to offer its owners comfort, style and economy, whether on long distance cruises, off-shore fishing or entertaining.

The INDIKON p4 is available in two alternative layouts: 3-cabins/2-heads (two portside cabins sharing a central head and the starboard hull dedicated to an owner's suite), or 2-cabins/2-heads with essentially an owner's suite in both hulls (aft cabin and individual heads forward in each bow).

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Summary Specifications

Overall Length:




2 x 170 / 200 / 220 HP

Overall beam:



Fuel capacity:

298 gals max


3' 6"


Water capacity:

200 gals max


20,000 lbs (est)



3-cab/2 head or 2-cab/2 head

Full Specifications and Equipment

INDIKON p4 Specifications

The table above shows the basic specifications for the INDIKON p4.

To see the full specifications and equipment list, please click on the image to the left to view these in PDF format in a new browser window.


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