INDIKON k4The INDIKON k4 is a 44' catamaran that will change perceptions about what is possible in a recreational watercraft.

Imagined by INDIKON BoatWorks and designed by the internationally renowned design firm Morrelli & Melvin, the k4 is an innovative hybrid "motor/sailer" with a broad appeal to sailors and powerboat enthusiasts alike.

Here are just a few of the features that make INDIKON k4 unique:





Visual Appeal

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Summary Specifications

Overall Length:



Water tank capacity:

2 x 100 gals

Overall beam:



Mainsail area:

694 sq ft


3' 6"


Genoa area:

581 sq ft


22,000 lbs (est)


Jib area:

302 sq ft


2 x 170 HP



1,088 sq ft

Fuel tank capacity

2 x 130 gals



2 or 3 cabin

Full Specifications and Equipment

INDIKON k4 Specifications

The table above shows the basic specifications for the INDIKON k4.

To see the full specifications and equipment list, please click on the image to the left to view these in PDF format in a new browser window.


INDIKON k4INDIKRUISE is a revolutionary, patent-pending tool to help yachtsmen get the most out of the new INDIKON k4.

INDIKRUISE is an on-board "coaching" system that offers guidance on how to trim the sails and apply the engines to optimize the speed, comfort and efficiency of the vessel in any given situation.


For sailors, INDIKRUISE shows how to use a little engine power to generate a huge impact on performance, applying the engines to optimize the apparent wind angle for the sails, creating the most eco-efficient "blended propulsion" solution for any wind speed and angle.


For powerboaters, INDIKRUISE adds speed, efficiency and stability.

The k4 offers simple sail controls, and INDIKRUISE is your guide for properly setting your sails and applying your engines to get the optimal "blended propulsion."

So even if you have very little familiarity with the use of sails, INDIKRUISE gives you the confidence to achieve a smooth, powerful, comfortable ride that is also extremely energy efficient.

Watch the INDIKRUISE video for a demonstration of how the system works.

If your browser does not show the video, please follow this link to open a new browser window and view direct on Vimeo, password INDIKON: INDIKRUISE video.


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