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Charter Options - New England / Caribbean



Sound Yachting has developed a program that allows owners to use and/or charter their catamaran in New England during the summer season and have the boat moved to the Caribbean into a full-time charter fleet for the winter season.

This program allows you to subsidize your yacht ownership while enjoying sailing in the sun year-round.

The details on this program - called "Follow The Sun" - are shown below.

"FOLLOW THE SUN" - Program Overview



The Sound Yachting "Follow The Sun" Program offers subsidized yacht ownership along with unrestricted year-round use in New England and the Caribbean.

This program allows you to:

  • have your yacht available any time for your personal use, year round
  • enjoy warm weather sailing in ideal sailing areas
  • generate income when you're not using your yacht
  • have all regular maintenance taken care of

Please see the section below for further information and contact us with any additional questions and to see program income projections.

"FOLLOW THE SUN" - Program Details



Many owners only actually use their yacht for a few weeks during the New England summer, and then face the expense, time and effort required to decommission the boat and prepare for winter storage.

Only to have to then invest more time, effort and expense to recommission the boat next season, again for a fairly short period of personal use.

Alternatively – for about the same cost as decommissioning and winter storage – your yacht can be sailed to our charter partner location in the Caribbean where it will be available for your personal use throughout the winter but can be chartered, as much or little as desired, to generate income to offset some or all of your ownership costs.

With the return of warm weather in New England your yacht is sailed back from the Caribbean and is immediately ready for 12-14 weeks of prime summer season, all regular maintenance having been taken care of over the winter.

The summer season can again be for as much personal use as desired, with remaining time available for charter to generate income, or even placed in a full-time charter management program (see our Charter Options In New England section for more detail on these alternatives).

An owner managing his own charters (to satisfy the requirement for "active" vs "passive" management and thus offer greater tax advantages) would keep a much greater proportion of charter revenue, so that:

  • a single week of charter use would cover the cost of the slip or mooring for that season
  • a second week of charter would cover annual insurance and seasonal maintenance
  • and after a third week all regular expenses would be covered and income now weighted towards profit

All with a further 10 weeks or more or summer left for personal use or additional chartering.

Please contact us for additional information on our "Follow The Sun" Program and to see program income projections.

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