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Full-time Caribbean Charter



After almost 20 years of placing boats into charter in the Caribbean, we have chosen to work with a limited number of companies that offer owners more flexibility, greater income potential and much better maintenance programs than with the main charter fleets.

Charter fleet locations in the BVI, Antigua, St Vincent and Grenada, and both bareboat and crewed fleets (typically for larger yachts) are included in the charter management programs offered.

There are a number of advantages to full-time charter management programs in the Caribbean, which will be more or less important for different individuals, but broadly these are:

  • the boat is kept in a desirable location, particularly for winter sailing
  • the boat is professionally maintained
  • your time spent on board your boat is 100% enjoyment, with the hard work taken care of by the charter company - maintenance, cleaning, dockage, insurance...
  • not only can ownership expenses be defrayed, but real income can be generated

Caribbean Charter Programs



There are two alternative charter ownership programs to choose from, both of which offer the benefits of extensive owner use of their boat and a full professional maintenance regime:

1. Guaranteed Income

This program offers a guaranteed income, with the owner receiving a pre-determined monthly payment and all maintenance, dockage and insurance costs covered by the charter company.

Owners may use their boats for up to 12 weeks per year, plus up to a further 6 weeks of sailing for last-minute bookings within seven days of the charter start.

2. Maximum Income

Under the Maximum Income program the owner receives the majority of the charter revenue and the charter company receives a yacht management fee.

The costs the boat incurs are applied against the owner's income (maintenance, dockage, insurance, etc.) with the remainder being net revenue for the owner.

Income projections are prepared for an owner based upon the expected average number of weeks a boat would typically charter in a year and the typical costs that will be incurred - so entering this program is not as "open-ended" as it might seem and has the benefit of offering maximum income to an owner.

On both programs, referrals of charter guests by the owner earn an additional percentage of the gross revenue from that charter.

And both programs also include a reciprocal worldwide sailing program, enabling owners to exchange their use weeks to sail other boats in charter fleets in destinations all over the world.

Please contact us for additional information on the Caribbean charter options and to see program income projections.

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