Sound Yachting is proud to be an authorized dealer for Lagoon catamarans, both sail and power, for CNB custom yachts and agent for INDIKON.

The range of quality yachts we offer comprises:

Our customers choose many different routes to boat ownership - fully private use; placement into full or part-time charter programs in the US or Caribbean; or operating a boat as a business, where tax advantages and income cover costs.

In addition to sales of new yachts, we can offer expert advice on yacht selection and help you find a particular brokerage yacht.

We can also sell your current yacht for you.

Lagoon 450 Lagoon is part of the Bénéteau Group, world leader in pleasure yachts, and offers a full range of cruising catamarans renowned for good design, quality construction and above-average performance.

Follow the main menu link above for full details on the full range of Lagoon sailing catamaran models.

Lagoon 40 MY Lagoon first entered the power catamaran market in 2001 with their 43' and 44' models, for which we were the top-selling dealership.

Now two new models mark Lagoon's return to the power catamaran market - the Lagoon 40 Motor Yacht and the luxurious Lagoon 630 Motor Yacht, which also boasts sufficient range to cross the Atlantic.

Bordeaux 60 Since 1987, CNB has been building custom sailing and motor yachts in both aluminium and high tech composite.

With over 90 boats designed, built and delivered, CNB has acquired unparalleled experience in providing the highest standards of technology and luxury.

INDIKON K4 INDIKON k4 is a fast and lively sailboat that rejoices when the wind is blowing, and a powerful motorboat that glides effortlessly through the water when the wind is not.

And when using wind power AND horsepower in combination, INDIKON challenges all preconceptions about what a hybrid motorsailer can be.


While many of our customers buy boats to use as private owners, we help other customers place their boats into a variety of charter programs specifically tailored to each owner's individual objectives.

This section of our website explains the various chartering options available and the many attractions of this route to ownership.

Fall Boat Shows

We would be delighted to see you at the forthcoming Annapolis Sailboat Show:

Annapolis Boat Show

Click on the logo above to be taken to the official boat show website or please feel free to contact us via phone or e-mail (details below) for any further information.

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Sail New England

Sail New England As a sailing location, New England is hard to beat...

...700 miles of coastline with myriad bays, islands and rivers, providing easy access to protected anchorages with tranquil vistas of sandy beaches, salt marshes, and dense woodland.

With countless coves, inlets, harbors and marinas, the New England coast boasts a long and colorful seafaring tradition.

Follow this link to learn more about sailing in New England.

Sound Yachting Charter Programs

While many of our customers buy boats to use solely as private owners, we help other customers place their boats into a variety of charter programs.

These programs are not "one size fits all" but specifically tailored to suit each owner's individual objectives.

To understand a little more about the options and advantages of yacht ownership through charter, please follow this link to Charter Options.